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Why to become an host Everywhere TEW?

Deseasonalising bookings

Not only during festivities seasons. Everywhere TEW can give you the opportunity to occupy your space anytime during the year..

Managing bookings for long periods

Remote Workers seek a new lifestyle and move for long periods of time: this allows you to reduce the effort and cost of acquiring and managing new customers all the time.

Reach a new target, the Tewer travelers

Managers, entrepreneurs, employees of large companies are looking for new locations where they can combine work, experience and leisure. Everywhere TEW allows you to host them.

Be part of our Tewer Plan

By becoming a Host Everywhere TEW you will become part of Tewer Plans,exclusive integrated travel, experience and work proposals to discover a new way of life.

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Welcome TEWER travelers, a community that wants to combine work, experience and leisure.


We will help you learn about the needs of Remote Workers. We'll make sure your facility is prepared to accommodate them.


Your facility will receive a score to acquire the Quality Badge and join Tewer Plans.


You will become part of worldwide communication on all available platforms.

Acquire a new target

Whether you have a flat, a masseria, a hotel or a b&b, you can join the Everywhere TEW network.

Our goal is to build a new lifestyle model that proposes a unified vision of  Travel, Work and Leisure for the economic, environmental and cultural growth of unexplored territories rich in culture, history, traditions and nature, in an eco-sustainable form.

To join the Network it is important to get to know your facility better, to help you improve your business and acquire a new market, that of Remote Workers from Italy and the rest of the world (more than 5 million in Italy alone).

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